NKU Graduate Student is Correspondent for KY Forward

2cc13a6Visit KY Forward Northern Kentucky (www.kyforward.com/our-northern-kentucky) and you’re likely to see Roger Auge’s byline under an article. Roger is a student in NKU’s Master of Arts in English and a correspondent with KY Forward.com, a multi-media news website covering Kentucky.

The stories Roger contributes are predominately human interest stories of people in the area. In a recent article Roger profiled Stacie Mosteller. “I teach developmental writing at Gateway. Stacie was in my class and her story intrigued me,” states Roger. “I’m intrigued by people, so most of my articles are portraits of people.” Stacie suffered a serious head injury 10 years ago. Roger’s story chronicles the road Stacie has traveled to find a new career training dolphins and studying dolphin cognition, or how dolphins think and learn. (See the story at http://www.kyforward.com/our-northern-kentucky/2013/06/19/after-serious-head-injury-young-woman-struggled-until-she-met-hope-the-dolphin.)

Roger is not a cub reporter, however. He cut his reporting teeth with the Kentucky Post on such important stories as the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire and interviews with international notables such as Governor John Y Brown, Jr. His broad range of interests provide him with a wealth of material. When Judy Clabes began KY Forward, Roger contacted his longtime friend with some story ideas, which she accepted.

In addition to his writing chores for KY Forward and the master’s degree program, Roger teaches at Gateway, is working on a novel that he describes as a mystery adventure, is an avid scuba diver, and sat on the Board of the Friends of NKU’s Steely Library until this April.

KY Forward and its northern Kentucky edition present local news and information as well as stories of interest to the area. It has a commitment to building a strong community. The 24/7 news site – an “online-only community newspaper” as Clabes calls it is just two years old – and picking up a lot of readers. The Northern Kentucky news page was added about a year ago. Clabes aims to build a new and sustainable model for journalism of the future, based on core journalism values and ethics – and caring about a place. She sees KyForward as Kentucky’s future for a statewide newspaper – and the glue that holds Kentucky together.

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