ELOC in China – Day One


We arrived in Beijing by airplane and headed to Wild Flavors for a tour of the facility as well as a taste test of popular Chinese drink flavors.  It was very interesting to learn about a German company operating in China and to meet the employees.

Since one of our ELOC Beijing_700x450cohort works for Wild Flavors, many of us had toured the facility in Erlanger, KY, so it was very interesting for us to discover some differences.

That evening we went to our hotel and had dinner as a group.  Some of the group went out later with some Chinese friends/co-workers living in the area to a very nice river town with many restaurants and shops and were able to enjoy many Chinese performers – some singing Chinese songs, but some singing American music- and very well!!


Others explored the area around the hotel and were tempted by street vendors selling fried scorpions, cockroaches, octopus, starfish, goose, and many other ‘delicacies.’  Unfortunately we can’t report on taste or texture because nobody in the group was brave enough to try anything.

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