ELOC in Seoul – Day 2

Eloc Header i'On Day Two we went to Samsung electronics where we enjoyed learning about the samsung-electronicscurrent strategy and focus of the company, as well as the complete history of the company and their products in the on-site company museum.  Before leaving we had an interactive tour of current and upcoming products and had a bus tour of the enormous Samsung campus while learning about the company culture and employee benefits.  As we were saying goodbye, many of us were inquiring about job openings!  It would be a fantastic place to work.

Our next stop on Day 2 was the Korean folk village where we got to see Korean history Korean Folk Villagereenacted as well as traditional music and dance performances.  Some of us enjoyed a ride up and down the “river” on a traditional style boat paddled by a man standing in the aft on a platform-much like an italian gondola only much larger).  Overall Day 2 was a little more relaxing because our schedule was not so full.  That evening we were on our own for dinner.  Some folks ventured out into the neighborhood and tried local food while others went to Outback Steakhouse to quench their craving for American food.

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