NKU ELOC Students International Experience!


NKU ELOC students with Il Hwan David Kim, director of International Study at NKU partner school, Hansung University, Seoul, South Korea, May 2013.

In May 2009, the Executive Leadership and Organizational Change (ELOC) program went on its first international trip. Dr. Kenneth Rhee took 21 students and advisory board member Terri Iacobucci to visit Korea, Japan and China. During the two-week trip, students met with leaders at international companies and government organizations to learn about leadership and international relations.

Since then, students in the program have had the opportunity to travel abroad every year. For example, in 2012, ELOC students visited Korea, Japan, and China from May 12 to May 27. They traveled to Seoul, Korea, Beijing and Shanghai, China, and Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan to visit a variety of business organizations and educational institutions. In previous years, the program visited companies such as Hyundai, Samsung, Mazak, ANA, Wild Flavors, Unis Software, and Best Buy, and educational institutions such as Hansung University, SookMyung Women’s University, and Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade.

The ELOC international experience was created to provide ELOC students with the opportunity to increase their global political, economic, and cultural awareness as well as their multicultural competencies.


ELOC Students visit the Samsung Electronics HQ in Seoul, South Korea, May 2013.

According to Natalie Gardener, a 2012 ELOC Asia trip participant:

The trip was one of those amazing gut punches that gives you so much to reflect upon and hopefully change for the better.  I can’t speak enough about what ELOC gifted to me.

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