What’s the Flying Pig Marathon Worth to Cincinnati?

Julie OlberdingCincinnati area merchants receive a revenue boost when the Flying Pig Marathon is in town. But is there more that Cincinnati gets out of it?

Yes, says NKU’s Public Administration program director, Dr. Julie Olberding and her husband, chair of Xavier’s Sports Studies Department.

A study that began in 2002 found the marathon had a positive impact on the image of Cincinnati and local pride among the participants and volunteers. “I realized how beautiful Cincinnati really is and how it is taken for granted. I visited several neighbor[hoods] that I would never have gone to if I had not ran the Flying Pig Marathon,” one runner responded.

In addition to building that positive image, the interaction.

and communication necessary among participants, volunteers and organizers helps build the sense of community and solidarity.

Finally, the Cincinnati community has received about $9 million for over 100 nonprofit organizations since it began in 1999.

The Drs. Olberding’s article based on their study will appear  in an upcoming issue of the International Journal of Hospitality and Event Management.Flying Pig

Read more on  Fox 19.com.

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