Our Alumni Keep Shining

MA Alumnus Rich Shivener has added two publications to his already impressive resume:

Another comic based on his master’s thesis project was published in this week’s issue of City Beat–this time on the Afghan Whigs.

“Formed in Cincinnati in 1986 by the core trio of Curley, Dulli, and McCollum, The Afghan Whigs began with an almost preternatural chemistry. The group’s combination of sheer volume, audacious personality, gritty soul immediacy, and swinging musical chops proved auspiciously rare in that moment of American indie culture, propelling them to the top tier of Cincinnati’s music scene almost immediately. Mining urgent desire and will power, the Whigs started to venture outside their Midwest confines on a series of shoestring tours, eventually catching the attention of a small, fledgling label out of Seattle called Sub Pop. Sub Pop signed the Whigs in 1989, releasing the band’s debut album, Up In It, one year later. Up In It provided the first addition to Sub Pop’s roster from outside the label’s Pacific Northwest’s stronghold – not just geographically, but sonically: while certainly kindred spirits with the burgeoning grunge scene, the Whigs positioned themselves early on as a band that wasn’t going to jump on anyone’s bandwagon.”

Check out the comic here.

Rich also had his interview with George R. R. Martin, author of A Game of Thrones (the book upon which the HBO series is based) published in the November/December issue of Writer’s Digest. Rich’s interview is also highlighted by the issue’s cover photo.

When Rich was in the MA program, he worked with John Alberti, Steve Leigh, Andy Miller, and Kelly Moffett, as well as with Steely Library’s Allen Ellis.

Congratulations to Rich!!!!

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